CLIPSO beklædning er A+ markeret for indeklima luft kvalitet

CLIPSO beklædning er A+ markeret for indeklima luft kvalitet

CLIPSO er en af de første virksomheder indenfor teknisk beklædning, som opnåede A+ mærket på grundlag af materialebrug og totale emmisioner. Bedre mærkning er ikke mulig

All CLIPSO coverings has been labelled A+ from 1 December 2011, in accordance with the French decree no. 2011-321.

Our tests are available upon request.

What does the new labelling of construction and decoration products consist of?

The French decree no. 2011-321 requiring the first environmental health labelling for construction and decoration products was signed in May 2011. The objective of this labelling is to allow consumers, from 1 January 2012 onwards, to choose the products which have the lowest possible impact on the indoor air of their home.

What does the official labelling mean?

The labelling will indicate the level of volatile pollutant emissions, on a scale from A+ (very low emissions) to C (high emissions), next to an image of a house containing a cloud of pollutants. Consumers will thus have clear, transparent information which could become a new selection criterion. Consultants (contractors, architects etc.) will also be able to take the air quality into account as a criterion in their calls for tender for the construction or renovation of buildings.

What are the substances afected by the labelling requirement?

The targeted pollutants are those which are most frequently encountered in housing, including formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, toluene, tetrachloroethylene, xylene, trimethylbenzene, dichlorobenzene, ethylbenzene, butoxyethanol and styrene, as well as the total volatile organic compounds (TVOC). The emissions levels are based on the measurements carried out after 28 days in an emissions test chamber or test cell, or before this time limit if the emissions are in line with the requirements of the lowest emissions level (A+).

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